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Brass Cable Glands
We are recognized Manufacturer of Precision Brass Components, Brass Parts, Sanitary Fittings, Insert for Pipe Fittings, Brass Hose Tail, Brass Tank Connectors, Brass Cable Glands Earthing Accessories, Brass Neutral Link, Brass Turned Part and Brass Pipe Fittings according to customer's requirements or specifications with advanced quality and technology.
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Brass Cable Glands Manufacturer
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Brass Cable Glands

Brass Sheet Cutting India Brass Cable Glands


Brass neutral bars was established with a single impartial to be a top manufacturer and exporter of Brass Cable Glands, Brass Hose Tail and Brass Pipe Fittings  and differentiate into the complementary industries to become an integrated supplier of Cable Glands, Brass Parts from quality brass material.

We offers  various types of cable gland like A1A2 Cable Gland, CW 4 Part Cable Gland, and Marine Cable Gland etc. at competitive price to precious customers at affordable cost.

A1A2 Brass Cable Gland is widely used with all types of Unarmored Cable. A2 Brass Cable Gland provides a single pull resistant seal on the outer cover of unarmored cable. ALCO Brass Cable Gland, BW 2 Part Brass Cable Gland and BW 4 Part Brass Cable Gland are used for providing mechanical cable retention and wire continuity through armored wire.

Premium quality Brass E1W Type Cable Gland is vastly necessitated in several industrial segments for specific applications. Marine Cable Gland offered by company has become first choice of customers who requires cable glands in marine applications. This Cable Glands are water proof and weathering resistance therefore it has long life.


Brass Terminal Bars Alco Type Cable Gland

Alco Type Cable Gland
Alco Cable Glands
Sizes: G 204 TO G 755
Brass Terminal Bars Manufacturer Application: Use with SWA, plastic and rubber sheathed cables
 Brass Terminal Bars India Use: Dry indoor application for armoured cable
 Brass Electrical Plugins Material: Brass and Nickle plated

Brass Electrical Plugins India A2, A1A2 Cable Gland  
A1 Brass Cable Glands
A1A2 Cable Glands
Brass Inserts Manufacturer Sizes: 16 mm to 110 mm S & L
Brass Electrical Connectors Application: Manufactured in brass to comply with the specifications and requirement of BS 6121
  Suitable for use on rubber or plastic, un-armoured cable.

Brass Sheet Cutting Exporter BW 2 Part Cable Gland  
BW 2 Part Cable Glands
BW 2 Part Brass Cable Glands
Brass Decorative Parts Supplier Sizes: 20 mm S to 90 mm
Brass Decorative Parts Exporter Application: Use with SWA, plastic and rubber (Elastomer) sheathed cables
Brass Fitting Parts Exporter Use: Dry indoor application for armoured cable

Brass Assemblies Exporter BW 4 Part Cable Gland  
BW 4 Part Cable Glands
BW Brass Cable Gland
Brass Switchgear Parts Supplier Sizes: 20 mm to 90 mm S & L
Brass Pipe Inserts Exporter Application: Suitable for SWA, plastic and rubber sheathed cables
Brass Eye Bolts Gujarat Use: Indoor applications

Brass Eye Bolts Manufacturer CW 4 Part Cable Gland  
CW 4 Part Cable Gland
CW Brass Cable Gland
Brass Special Components India Sizes: 20 mm to 90 mm S & L
Brass Special Components Supplier Application: Suitable for SWA, cable that are plastic or rubber sheathed

Brass Special Fasteners Gujarat E1W Cable Gland  
E1W Cable Glands
E1W Brass Cable Glands
Brass Special Fasteners Supplier Sizes: 20 mm to 90 mm S & L
Brass Special Fasteners Exporter Application: This all weather gland effects the cable outer sheath and the gland nut and between the cable inner sheath and the gland body.

Brass Components Manufacturer Marine Cable Gland  
Marine Cable Glands
Marine Brass Cable Glands
Brass Parts Components India Sizes: 10 mm to 70 mm
Brass Parts Components Supplier Application: Used for various marine applications

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